There’s a lot of SMS marketing software out there, but a lot of the text blast Philippines programs can be quite expensive or very unpersonalized. Simply blasting a message out there does not guarantee success for your business, and we’ll be sharing some of the new guidelines when doing Mobile Phone Marketing via SMS.




Philippines SMS Marketing guidelines:

  1. Segment your Customers – It is not enough to simply send a text message out to everyone with the same offer. The key is to segment your customer so you can send a more targeted message to a segment.
  2. Personalize Everything – With so much spam being sent around SMS in the Philippines, personalization is what will make people open and appreciate your message.
    • The Message – It’s about inserting customer information into the message making the receiver feel it is truly for them. Simply inserting the name makes all the difference, what more on other things like age?
    • The Time – Sending the message at the right time and scenario is key! In Zion Send, we’re able to send on Birthday, Specific times and dates and on Visits! Which sends the message to your customers when they’re most receptive.
  3. The Sender – It’s not great to send a message out from a prepaid number as it is technically illegal and will be tagged as spam. The legitimate messages are sent with a Alphanumeric name with the right brand name.
  4. Call to Action – Always add a call to action to the message, you may add a website URL or a phone number that is automatically converted into a link. When tapped, your customer will automatically open their browser or call the phone number listed.

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