What We Offer

We offer 2 very simple tools that can help you communicate better with your customers. Both Email and SMS have a very high reach rate (20% and 90% open rate respectively) and by making these message personal you are able to make it more effective.

SMS Email Blast

Import Database

Segment Customers

Personalize Message

Set Sending Condition

SMS blast

SMS / Text Sending Service

Send SMS / Text message officially using your own brand name (not a number)! And by inserting customer information, like name or age, makes the email more personal and therefore makes your customers feel valued. You may schedule or set sending conditions, which allows the system to automatically send the messages out to your customers when you want it.


Email Sending Service

Use your Brand’s official email address and send personalized emails based on customer information which helps you reach your customers better (not being placed in spam). You may also specify the time and sending condition which allows you to send it when you know it’s going to matter or when your customers are most receptive to it.


Email Blast

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Other Features

Multi-User Level

Create as many users as you want for your organization and delegate message sending.

Pre-Compose Message

You can pre-compose messages that will be set according to your schedule or condition.

Budget Setup

Set budgets up to control spending, pass credits on to people in your organization.

Official Brand

Use your official brand name in SMS or official Email in sending messages.

Cloud Based

Access all the features thru our cloud based portal, all you need in internet connection.

Autosync ZionWiFi

Import all your Customer Database from Zion WiFi Automatically!

Enable your Organization, and Communicate with your Customers Better.

We have rebranded!

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