SMS / Text Blast Features

Text Blast

Import Database

Upload your own customer database directly into the system or use Zion WiFi to collect and auto-import it to Zion Send.

Segmenting Customer - SMS Blast


Segment Customers with our segmenting tools which allows you to segment by name, gender, age, visits, device, and venue.

SMS Blast


Use Customer Information into the message making it feel very personal and manually sent by your team.

Text Blast

Send at Right Conditions

Send the SMS at the right time and the right scenario and increase effectivity of your sent message.

It's the SMS that makes your Customers feel Valued and Important

email blast

Automate SMS Blasts

No need for you to send it manually at the time you want to send, our system can be set to send messages on the time you want. Moreover, if you choose advanced sending conditions, our system will send automatically to each individual customer on the time and scenario you wish to send it to them.

Personalized SMS Blasts

Send SMS / Text Messages that inserts Customer Information into the message, making the message relevant and personalized to your customers. We also are able to send it via a sending condition that allows you to send SMS to each customer as they interact with the system.

personalized email blast

Compose mass emails like it was written for each individual Customer and make your emails effective today!

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