With 113 million mobile phone subscribers in the Philippines, SMS is a great tool to reach out to your customers. In the country alone, around two billion text messages are being sent every day. Some businesses are taking advantage of this fact and are now using SMS to reach out to their customers. If you aren’t using it yet, here are some advantages of using SMS Marketing:



  1. SMS reaches all your customers

Smartphone penetration in the Philippines is set to grow by 10% by the end of year, making 4 out of 10 Filipinos owners of smartphones. This means that everyone can and will receive your text message. “Texting” is supported in all phone platforms, so even those with ‘ancient’ phones can read your message.

  1. Cost effective

Placing your advertisement on TV, radio, or print will cause you thousands of pesos. You’re not even sure if you’re target market is actually seeing your ads. A text blast will only cost you not even half of what you would have paid for TV.  With SMS marketing, you get to reach many customers with less cost.

  1. Strengthen relationship with customers

Sending a text message to your existing pool of customers makes them feel more valued by you, especially if it’s a personalized one. Some companies forget that their existing customer base is more important than new customers.

  1. SMS has high open and conversion rate

SMS has an open rate of 99% and your customers read it within just 3 minutes of receiving it.  Customers are also likely to take action if they receive a text message rather than an e-mail or any other marketing strategy.

  1. Deliver direct message

Since text messages have a limited character capacity, business are forced to be clear and straight to the point. You save your customers the burden of going through long, irrelevant messages.


SMS Marketing really is great marketing tool, and another thing about it is that any type of business can use this marketing tool. It’s still evolving, and its use is endless.

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