Emails, nowadays, are rarely checked or read unless they are for business. B2C emails are normally ignored and left unread. In this generation, everyone can’t seem to take their eyes off of their phones. We always feel the need to check our phones though no one has texted us. Now this is one thing most businesses look over. Forty-eight percent (48%) of emails today are being read on phones, but not all businesses use mobile-friendly designs which is why their emails are only being opened and not read.


Here, we have listed some tips on how to make your customers open and read that email from you!

Keep your subject line short

Keep your subject line around six to ten words short. According to research, six to ten word subject lines generated an open rate of 21%, while those with fewer or more words generated a lower open rate.

One call-to-action per email only

Each email should focus on only one message. If it’s about a new app that’s ready for download, then the email should only tell the reader to download the app; nothing else and nothing more. Telling your customers to do many things at once will just annoy them and will probably prompt them to close the email.

Make your emails mobile-friendly

As said above, 48% of emails are read on phones. Some emails that contain photos are sometimes way too big or small for a phone. Make sure that your email adjusts accordingly to the size of the phone.

Send emails to the right demographic

Choosing the right segment of your market for a certain promo is crucial to make it successful. You don’t want to send your male customers an email regarding a make-up sale. Filter your market as much as you can so as to send emails to those who you really want to target.


Personalizing your email makes your customer feel more valued by you. This does not only mean inserting their name or whatsoever, you may create different emails for different customers. This takes a lot of time, but it also increases the chances of your email being opened and read.

Eye-catchy call-to-action

Using bright colors in your call-to-actions make them more noticeable and alive. Making your call-to-actions eye catchy increases the chance of it being clicked or done by the customer.


If you think emails are dead, then you are so wrong! Businesses should learn how to use them in their advantage and sure enough, email marketing will be back on track.

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