Unlike SMS with a 99% open rate, email only has around 20%. Emails nowadays are almost never opened and are only marked as read. Open rates are an important measure of how many people got interested with your email. Often times, businesses do not pay much attention in these 3S, which is why their open rates are low. If you are one of those businesses, read on to find out how these 3S can improve your open rate.


Subject line

Your subject line is the first thing your customer reads in your email. It gives your readers a general overview of what the content is. But remember, it has to be interesting enough for them to click it but not revealing too much about the content of your mail. Create two subject lines and test out which generates the higher open rate.


This is a crucial factor in Email Marketing. Who you choose to send your emails to is important as they are your market, who will basically keep your business alive. Choose a segment of your market who you think fits best for that certain email. If, for example, you are giving a discount on those who are celebrating their birthday that month. Of course, you’ll send it to those who will celebrate their birthday that month! Filter your segment as much as you can so as to target them properly.

Sending frequency

If the two above are working great for you but your open rate is still low, then you might be sending too few or too many emails. There is no certain number of emails a business may send that will guarantee increased open rate. The number of emails to be sent depends on your marketing goals. Generally speaking though, sending too many emails affects negatively on the business. Try changing your sending frequency from the previous month’s and on succeeding months’, then check out which improved your open rate.


Email Marketing may not be the most effective form of marketing right now, but it still is effective. Businesses just have to know how to create the perfect email for the perfect customer.

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