Email Blast Features

Text Blast

Upload Existing Database

Import your database that you’ve gathered or use Zion WiFi to collect customer databases and auto import into Zion Send.

Segmenting Customer - SMS Blast

Segment Customers

Categorize each customer segment you target and group them together by name, gender, age, visits, device, and venue

SMS Blast

Personalize Message

Inserting Customer Information into the Email to make it feel very personal to your customer and manually composed by you.

Text Blast

Send on Conditions

Personalize the time each customer receives your email via our Sending Conditions, like Birthdays, or Specific Dates.

Send Emails out like it was for each individual Customer you have!

Automate Email Blasts

Send it at the perfect time automatically! You may compose the email at your own convenient time and schedule or set sending conditions for each message. Our system shall automatically send the emails out to each individual customer at the schedule or sending condition you’ve set for each campaign.


Personalize Email Blasts

Send the email from your official brand email address and include customer information, like name, age etc., into the email to make it feel personal. You can then personalize the time and scenario the message will be sent by, allowing you to target the right person at the time the perfect time.


Compose mass emails but send it out like it was just for each individual Customer.

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