SMS Marketing is a fast-growing marketing tool that enables you to reach all your customers while spending less money. Though this is a great way to deliver your message to your customers, if done incorrectly, you can drive your customers away. Here are three ways on how you can improve your SMS techniques.


  1. Make it personalized

Customers feel more valued when they feel that something is made or created just for them. You have gathered your customers’ basic information, now you must incorporate those information into your message to make it as personalized as possible.


  1. Keep it short

SMS has a 160 character limit so your messages must be clear and short. One advantage of SMS Marketing is sparing your customers the burden of reading irrelevant text from emails or any other marketing tool. Keep your message short and concise for your customers to engage and take action.


  1. Attach URLs

Including URLs in your message might take up most of the characters, but this is one way to engage your customers. If your message is really long, then send your customers the gist of it then a link where they can know more about it. This is also a way to increase your website traffic.


SMS blasts can strengthen or end your business’ relationship with your customers so make sure to remember these tips before hitting that send button.

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