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Make Your Customers Open and Read Your Email

Emails, nowadays, are rarely checked or read unless they are for business. B2C emails are normally ignored and left unread. In this generation, everyone can't seem to take their eyes off of their phones. We always feel the need to check our phones though no one has...

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Improve Your Email Open Rate with These 3S

Unlike SMS with a 99% open rate, email only has around 20%. Emails nowadays are almost never opened and are only marked as read. Open rates are an important measure of how many people got interested with your email. Often times, businesses do not pay much attention in...

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Effective SMS Techniques

SMS Marketing is a fast-growing marketing tool that enables you to reach all your customers while spending less money. Though this is a great way to deliver your message to your customers, if done incorrectly, you can drive your customers away. Here are three ways on...

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The Power of SMS Marketing

With 113 million mobile phone subscribers in the Philippines, SMS is a great tool to reach out to your customers. In the country alone, around two billion text messages are being sent every day. Some businesses are taking advantage of this fact and are now using SMS...

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Text Blast Philippines Guidelines

There's a lot of SMS marketing software out there, but a lot of the text blast Philippines programs can be quite expensive or very unpersonalized. Simply blasting a message out there does not guarantee success for your business, and we'll be sharing some of the new...

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SMS Marketing Advantages

SMS Blasting has surely become a favorite marketing tool by a lot of marketers. It is really for a good reason, even though technology has advanced with the internet becoming more accessible, SMS is still very much effective.     We've compiled some of the...

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