SMS / Email Marketing Done Right

Right channel, right person, with the right message, right time and right scenario!

Personalize the Message

Insert Customer Information automatically into the message allowing you to make the message feel like it was sent by a real person. It’s about making the customer feel important and remembered.

It's all about the Context of what you're sending

The Content is important, but the CONTEXT is more important. A message can be sent in many ways, but sending it in the way that the receiver feels, understands and opens your message is what really matters!

Automated Sending Conditions

Our system sends the message at the right condition and time thereby increasing effectivity of the sent message. These are conditions like:

  • Birthdays
  • Specific Times and Dates
  • Visits
personalized sms and email

Personalized Messages

Inserting the customers’ information into the message makes a big difference. It’s that ‘Just for you’ feel that makes the message infinitely more effective than a regular SMS / Email Blast.

automated sms email sending

Automated Sending

Set the message and conditions and our system will automatically send the message for you. Compose it during the schedule that works for you and we do the rest.

segmented and targeted sms and email sending

Segmented and Targeted

We auto-segment your customers based on your segmenting criteria. This then allows you to send targeted message that is relevant to them, thereby increasing effectiveness.

send sms and email conditions

Sending on Conditions

Our System can personalize the time and scenario the message will be sent to the customer. Sending it on Birthdays, Specific Date and Times, or even Visits!

credible sms email sender

Credible Sender

Use your official brand name (not a number) for SMS and use your official email address (domain name) for Emails. It’s every bit about your brand, making sure it’s legal and effective.

delegate and budget sending sms email

Delegate and Budget

Delegate sending of messages to your staff, set the budget to control your expense and track how they’re doing, you will be given an in-depth credit report to see how it was used.

Let us handle the sending and focus on your Core Business.

Import Database

Import your collected database or you may also use Zion WiFi to capture more customer database for you.

Segment Customers

You can segment your customers, allowing you to personalize the message and promotions to each segment.

Personalize Message

Personalize the message by inserting customer information into the message. Effective and Personal.

Sending Condition

Send the message at the best time for each customer. Send based on Birthday, Specific Time & Date or Visits!

Sending Conditions

Personalizing a message is not enough, it’s about making the message relevant to the time and scenario of the receiver.  We allow you to set different criteria for sending a message, thereby sending it when it’s relevant. We have different types of Sending Conditions in our system, it’s what separates us from the rest. These are:

Zion Send SMS Email Sending Conditions

On Birthdays

No need to manually greet your clients on their Birthdays, our system can be setup to automatically send a Birthday greeting out to your customers with a personal message and a discount code if you prefer.

Specific Days and Times

Would you like to auto-send a message every Monday, Wednesday and Friday 2PM? Or greet people on Christmas and New Year automatically? You simply have to set the dates and times and we make sure to send it.

On Visit

By using Zion WiFi, we’re able to track the time of each visit which allows you to send messages on each visit or every visit. This is a special feature, where we know the scenario and timing that fits the receiver.

Send all your SMS and Email messages thru us today.

Auto-Segment your Customers

Categorizing / Segmenting customers together can help make the messages even more personalized and targeted.


Segment Customer’s First or Last name.


Segment Male or Female Customers


Segment by Age or Age Range


Segment Customers’ Visit Information


Segment Customer’s Devices & Browser


Segment Customer’s Venue Visited

It comes down to being Personal

Using technology, we can help you personalize your communications with your customers thru:


Right Message

Adding gathered Customer Information 


Right Time

Inserting the perfect time to send.


Right Condition

Sending it at the set conditions.


Right Brand

Sent by a brand you know

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